We have been sold the idea that fat makes us fat. In reality, fat sustains energy and keeps us fit. When we cut out carbohydrates, our body is forced to find a new fuel source. By increasing our fat intake, our liver begins to produce ketones as a superior energy source. When ketones are burned as fuel, our bodies enter a state of ketosis. And when we are in ketosis, we have more energy, less inflammation, and higher mental focus.

Take it from founder Nathan Schmit, an former athlete who suffered from severe injuries, weight gain, and alcohol addiction: fat is NOT what makes you fat. Nate was a division-one football player in college. At the end of his career, his body was destroyed and he suffered from chronic pain. To ease his pain, Nate turned to alcohol and food. 80 lbs later -- well, lets just say Nate was not operating at optimal capacity. 


To Be Keto provides you with pre-packed, healthy portions of fats to ensure you are getting the nutrients you need. Most people who go on a keto diet feel weak and hungry because they are malnourished and are not getting enough fat. To Be Keto helps you lose weight without starving.


If done properly, a keto diet should leave you satiated, full, and energized. To Be Keto products do all the above. They’re nutrient packed, fat packed, and your taste buds will thank you. (If you don’t believe us, just dip a pinky in our signature BBQ sauce).


Fasting is one of the best things you can do for your body. To Be Keto makes fasting effortless. Using our products as meal replacements gives your digestive system a break, helps you gain clarity, and enhances mental focus.


To Be Keto products makes ketosis attainable. Initially, when starting a keto diet the amount of fat you need to consume to achieve ketosis can be overwhelming. Our goal is for you to easily consume delicious fats in both sweet and savory flavors.


To Be Keto is user friendly. The amount of fat and types of fat you need to reap the benefits of a keto diet are measured, packaged, and delivered right to your door.


Being on a keto diet does NOT mean eating a bunch of meat. To benefit from a keto diet, your primary source of calories should be fat. Why? You will never achieve ketosis if you eat too much protein because your body with convert the protein into carbs and burn it as sugar. Our number one goal is to make sure your body is burning fat, not protein.

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