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Food Prep Instructions



To Be Keto Steaks

  • Remove from plastic pouch and lightly pat dry with paper towel
  • Heat empty pan in high broiler for 8 min
  • Coat pan with ghee or grape seed oil
  • Quickly sear one side of filet and set filet seared side up in hot pan
  • Place pan + filet back in broiler on high and allow to cook for 3 minutes
  • Flip filet and cook for 3 more minutes
  • Remove filet from oven, add savory truffle of choice, allow to melt and enjoy!

Pulled Pork

  • Crisp in a pan for 6 minutes
  • Plate and enjoy

Pork Belly + Ribs

  • Heat stovetop on Medium High
  • Cook 4 mins on each side, until golden brown

Kampachi Collar

  • Place in cold broiler
  • Cook 6 mins skin down
  • Cook 6 mins skin up until golden brown

Ora King Salmon

  • Heat pan in high broiler for 8 min
  • Add plain ghee or grape seed oil to hot pan
  • Be gentle removing fish from pouch and place on a paper towel to gently dry both sides of fish. (This allows fish to sear as opposed to steam / splatter)
  • Place fish in pan skin side down and place pan + fish back in broiler for 2 min, flip and broil for 2 additional min.
  • Enjoy!

Other Fresh Caught Fish

  • Pat dry both sides
  • Place skin down in a hot pan
  • Broil 2 mins each side
  • Enjoy

Kampachi Sashimi

  • Place fish in the fridge to thaw 1 day before serving
  • Dip in sashimi sauce and enjoy

Branzino and Kampachi Filet

  • Remove lid from tin container
  • Place frozen filet in cold oven
  • Set oven to broil high and cook fish for 9-15 minutes until golden brown (skin side up, no flipping)

Sous Vide Chicken

  • Place chicken on top of selected vegetable pack (skin side up).
  • Place in oven with broiler set to high for 6 - 9 minutes (until chicken skin is golden brown and crispy.
  • Remove and enjoy.


Farmers Market Vegetables

  • Broil on top shelf for 6 - 12 mins (eyeball to preference until golden brown and delicious)
  • Add 1 - 2 truffles of your choice (according to guidance of TBK team), allow to melt or place back in broiler for 30 seconds)

Vegetable Lasagna

  • Broil on top shelf for 6 mins, until golden brown


Ice Cream

  • Place jar (or single serving in a bowl)  in freezer when you start making dinner (approx. 1 hr before eating)
  • Remove from freezer, stir lightly with spoon and enjoy!

Bone Broth

  • Empty broth into pan and heat on high
  • Add 2 Truffles of your choice
  • Once boiling, blend with stick blender
  • Enjoy by itself or pour over soup pack for a full meal 

Superfuel Coffee / Tea

  • Brew fresh coffee or tea
  • Add 1 large spoonful Superfuel (chocolate or vanilla) and 1 generous tablespoon of heavy cream to hot beverage
  • Blend with emulsion blender for froth
  • Enjoy

Bone Broth Rice

  • Boil pouch for 4 mins
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