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Robert Herscu 
Entrepreneur, investor, and mentor

I feel bloody great!

I’m 56 with 3 young kids and I want to stay as fit and strong and healthy as long as I can. I try a lot of things and on Nate’s program I feel bloody great! I’ve trimmed down, am more alert, not as sluggish, and all around feel good. Nate is so passionate and is a living picture of strength, confidence, and happiness - it’s inspiring. The research and quality he puts into everything makes a difference.

I know what you're thinking... another bullsh*t health promise.

You reminisce about the strength and health of your youth, and know there must be improvements you can make to operate more optimally.

But good luck getting through the noise of:

Charlatans. Fillers. Inaccuracy. Jargon. Fads. And so many OPTIONS.

You have to become an expert to find solutions that will actually get you results.

 You’re ready for consistent high energy levels throughout the day so you can be 100% available for the people and projects you care about.

You’re ready for a simple and cohesive plan to eliminate the decision-making fatigue without compromising effectiveness and freedom.

 You’re ready for less stress and more flow states that generate ideas, strengthen the mind, and replenish your creative reserves.

That’s where me and my team come in.

Since 2002, I’ve developed transformational health programs for top professional athletes, A-list celebrities, and billionaire entrepreneurs.

Additionally, I’ve put together a team of elite experts in a variety of modalities. We’re obsessed with cutting-edge strategies and hacks rooted in practicality and longevity.

It would be our honor to be your go-to health support system.

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I've been there before...

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Dave Burns
coach and angel investor

Good for body, brain and business.

The To Be Keto house is a one-of-a-kind experience. Since discovering it I’ve had business meetings, friend jams, and client immersions there—and Nate's team has batted 100% every time. The facilities are potent and minimalist, the food is out of this world, and the after-glow of clarity, high energy, and good spirits that you leave with echo throughout the day. Do not leave without getting a jar of their adaptogenic keto chocolate to go.  


Next Level Refinement Program

Available for new clients starting April 2020.

A 12-week refinement program to level up your health, based on your current goals and challenge areas.

Click here to schedule a free 30 min health audit, and let’s get started.

We customize support using any of the following:


  • Grocery shopping cart design

  • Instructions for weekly meal

  • Access to farmer’s market vendors

  • Ensure your meal plan is enjoyable and nutrient-dense

  • Gut health analysis and recommendations

  • Create “hacks” for the favorites you can’t live without


  • Goal setting, weekly checklists, and action items

  • Identify biggest roadblocks to success

  • Plan daily habits and routines to be doable and evolutionary

  • Implement accountability and follow-up systems

  • Menu assessments on your favorite restaurants

  • Integration with your staff, partner, kids, etc.


  • Guided breathwork therapy

  • Meditation practices and tools

  • Oxygen deprivation / hyperventilation training

  • Heat shock protein repair


  • Circadian rhythm analysis and mapping

  • Lighting design and recommendations

  • Strategize daily flow for proper hormone cycles


  • Identify the hidden poisons in your everyday products

  • Remove key chemical stressors that trigger extra fat storage

  • Recommendations for replacement products


  • Minimum effective dose workouts to get maximum output

  • Dynamic stretching, foam rolling, and recovery

  • Postural analysis and optimization of physical movements

  • Home and beach workout solutions